Jong Lee, MBA

Board Director

CEO and Co-Founder

Day Zero Diagnostics

Peter Fitzgerald, MD, PhD

Board Director

Managing Partner


Stephen Zachary, PhD

Board Director


Sands Capital Ventures

Jeff Mirviss, MBA

Board Director

President, Peripheral Interventions and Corporate SVP

Boston Scientific

Netalie Nadivi

Board Observer



Deb Kemper

Board Observer

Managing Director

Golden Seeds

Jared Simpson, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

University of Toronto

Keith Robison, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Principal Scientist

Ginkgo Bioworks

Yonatan Grad, MD PhD

Scientific Advisor

Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases

Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

Stephen Calderwood, MD

Clinical Advisor

Morton N. Swartz, MD Academy Professor of Medicine

Harvard Medical School

Angela Caliendo, MD, PhD

Clinical Advisor

Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine and Exec Vice Chair Dept of Medicine

Alpert Medical School at Brown University