Associate Data Scientist Position

Day Zero Diagnostics is a bacterial genomics startup in Boston that is seeking to recruit a highly motivated data scientist to join our team. At Day Zero Diagnostics we are modernizing the way infectious diseases are diagnosed and treated by developing a rapid diagnostic that sequences the genomes of pathogenic bacteria, and then uses machine learning methods to identify the cause of the clinical infection.

As an Associate Data Scientist, you will work with a senior machine learning research scientist to develop, implement, and optimize state-of-the-art prediction models from bacterial genomics data. We are looking for candidates with a deep interest in speed optimization that requires intimate knowledge of computing hardware and targeted software design.

Candidates will gain experience in a multidisciplinary and fast-paced startup environment, and will have ample opportunities to acquire new skills, work closely with an accomplished team, and communicate results through patents, conference presentations, and peer-reviewed publications while working in a supportive and energetic environment. We value intellectual curiosity and a strong work ethic, and look for candidates who are both excited to contribute their expertise and eager to broaden their skillset to new areas.


Under the direction of a senior machine learning research scientist, the applicant independently carries out various tasks, including:

  • Develop and implement algorithms that speed up data processing and machine learning model research.
  • Implement numerically optimized CPU/GPU kernels.
  • Build statistical and analytical tools to research and support machine learning models.
  • Develop, implement, and test machine learning models for predicting phenotypic traits from genomic sequences.
  • Maintain organized, tested code and corresponding documentation.
  • Present data within and outside of the company at meetings and symposia.
  • Write, edit, and submit manuscripts/abstracts/grants detailing the results of the project.
  • Work closely within the group and with outside collaborators.
  • Maintain close communications with the team regarding progress.


  • Bachelor's or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, or equiv.
  • Fluency in high performance computing (e.g., parallel computing, memory management, OpenMP, CUDA)
  • Fluency in Python, C/C++, Linux; Familiarity with PyTorch or TensorFlow, SQL and git
  • Familiarity with neural network models (CNN, RNN, etc.) and machine learning best practices
  • Familiarity with NGS data analysis, particularly ONT MinION data, helpful
  • Highly motivated and independent, with the ability to work in a dynamic team environment
  • Strong oral and written communications skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

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