Frequently Asked Questions


What samples does DZD accept?

Currently we accept pure culture isolates on agar petri dishes or slants. Detailed instructions for sample collection and shipping will be provided upon service request.


Where are the samples processed?

All processing is conducted at our private BSL 2+ facility located at Boston Landing in Boston, MA.


Who is responsible for managing the process?

Our lab is staffed by scientists with extensive experience in molecular microbiology, DNA sequencing and computational biology. A senior representative from the company will serve as your consultant for the process to ensure timelines and expectations are met.


What does the service cost?

We charge rates similar to those charged for other molecular diagnostic testing. We can provide you with a specific rate for your situation and anticipated samples. Your first investigation with us is at a reduced rate that makes it easy to get started, so you can experience what working with us is like.


How long does it take to get started arranging an investigation?

We recognize that speed is critical in an outbreak investigation. Our team treats your project with the highest urgency to ensure rapid turnaround, including a fast and easy process to get going.


How is the report delivered?

We deliver the report to you electronically in PDF format. We can also deliver by fax or mail upon request.


How fast should we expect the report to be delivered?

We deliver reports in 1-2 days from the time we receive the samples. In some cases, we are able to provide a preliminary answer within 24 hours.


Can your service handle environmental samples or just patient cultures?

We have performed HAI investigations on cultures grown from patient clinical samples and environmental samples. Our process is designed to handle culture isolates regardless of source.


Does your report include an antibiotic resistance profile?

We do not currently provide an antibiotic resistance profile with each analysis, but do request your microbiology lab phenotypic results to aid in our analysis.


Can you identify horizontal (plasmid) transmission in addition to clonal?

Yes, however this analysis is done only by request, and may require additional processing time.


How are you able to provide the analysis so quickly?

We have designed a rapid turnaround sequencing pipeline optimized for HAI investigation. Analysis is performed by world class computational biologists with deep experience in microbial genomics, supported by our custom, automated pipeline.


Can we speak with someone about the report?

Our fast response team is here to support you in making confident intervention decisions. Our scientists are available for consultation and to help you understand the report.



For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.