Jong Lee, MBA

President & CEO, Co-founder

Medical technology entrepreneur. Formerly management consultant at Monitor Group, focused on medtech commercialization, and Senior VP of Marketing & Strategy at ConforMIS. BA from Harvard and MBA from Harvard Business School.

Miriam Huntley, PhD

CTO, Co-founder

Computational biologist with expertise in genomics and machine learning. After MIT Physics undergrad, earned Harvard Applied Math PhD developing theory and computational methods for analyzing biological systems and large genomic datasets.


Doug Kwon, MD, PhD

Scientific Co-founder

Infectious Disease physician at Mass. General Hospital (MGH), Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and a Director of Clinical Research at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard. Expertise in the microbiome and its effect on immune response.

Melis Anahtar, MD, PhD

Scientific Co-founder

Clinical Pathology resident at MGH with expertise in immunology, the human microbiome, and diagnostics. After biomedical engineering degree at MIT, studied immunology on a Rhodes Scholarship in Oxford, and worked in Doug Kwon’s lab through the Harvard MD-PhD Program.

Dougal Maclaurin, PhD

Scientific Co-founder

Senior Research Scientist at Google Brain, software engineer with a background in physics and machine learning. In his PhD at Harvard, Dougal worked on Bayesian methods and deep learning, and developed Autograd, a popular machine learning library.


Nicole Billings, PhD

Director, Product Development

Molecular microbiologist with expertise in bacterial physiology and genetics. Nicole's post-doc at MIT focused on bacterial biofilms, and she later contributed as a technical lead to the development of a rapid pathogen identification assay at Draper Labs.

Yael Katan-Khaykovich, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Molecular biologist with expertise in molecular diagnostics and epigenetics. Yael's post-doc at Harvard focused on determining mechanisms of gene regulation and chromatin dynamics, and she later worked in industry to develop a number of clinical genomic tests.

Chiahao (Kevin) Tsui, PhD

Research Scientist

Biochemist with expertise in transcriptional regulation and method development. During his PhD in the Tijan lab at UC Berkeley, Kevin developed methods to study protein-DNA interactions and identified novel histone gene regulators in Drosophila.

Ian Herriott

Manager, Sequencing Technologies

Sequencing aficionado with expertise in microbial ecology. After completing his bachelor's in Molecular Environmental Biology at UC Berkeley, Ian studied a variety of microbial communities and then managed the sequencing core at University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Alexa Cecil

Lab Technician

During her undergrad studies in Human Biology and Masters in Public Health at UVA, Alexa optimized a microfluidic platform for micro-RNA detection in a clinical setting and performed a pilot study for an at-home HPV test.

Febriana Pangestu

Lab Technician

As an undergraduate at Iowa State University, Febriana worked in a plant metabolism lab and completed her studies in biochemistry.

Michael Kumcu

Lab Technician

After studying Neuroscience at Bucknell University, Michael earned his Masters in Neurochemistry from Stockholm University where he studied the effects of post-translational modifications on cellular localization and protein interactions.