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Using genome sequencing & machine learning to modernize infectious disease diagnosis and treatment

The growth of antibiotic resistance is creating a public health crisis. In a severe infection like sepsis, patients can die within hours, but current diagnostics for antibiotic resistance can take 2-5 days or never return a result at all. Physicians are left to treat using trial and error approaches based on limited information – the exact opposite of precision medicine.

At DZD, we are developing rapid, whole genome sequencing-based diagnostics to modernize infectious disease diagnosis and treatment. We are building technologies to provide the species ID and antibiotic resistance profile of a bacterial infection within hours, rather than days, so that patients can be treated with the most effective antibiotic quickly. Faster treatment with the right antibiotic saves lives and reduces the cost and complications associated with extended episodes of care.

DZD is also developing technologies to help control HAIs (healthcare-associated infections), where antibiotic resistant organisms can be especially dangerous. Our rapid turnaround epiXact service uses whole genome sequencing to provide infection control professionals with precise information on pathogen relatedness quickly, so they can make the right intervention decisions with confidence.